Businesses using eCommerce have great opportunities to grow. However, for a business to grow steadily and avoid unnecessary loss reconciliation is crucial, as it allows one to monitor the process from the time an order is placed until all payments are received appropriately and in accordance with the business’s expectations. Utilizing Cointab’s System will make this challenging work easier. Cointab reconciles and verifies the data Between Jiomart reports and ERP System reports,. A client can simply check the results following reconciliation and determine whether either report contains any inaccuracies.

Reports needed for reconciliation

  • Jiomart invoice report
  • Jiomart Service invoice report
  • Jiomart Disbursement report
  • Jiomart Return report
  • Reports from the client’s ERP (e.g., SAP, Tally, etc.).

The results are displayed in an easy-to-read manner after the reports are verified and the reconciliation process is finished.

The result is as follows:
Jiomart – ERP Reconciliation

The system verifies each item of data stored in the client’s ERP system and matches it with the Jiomart Invoice report. The orders are then differentiated and highlighted as follows:

  • Reconciled Orders
    • The orders where the totals line up.
  • Less Amount recorded in ERP
    • Orders whose value is lower in the ERP than it is on the Jiomart Sales report.
  • More Amounts recorded in ERP
    • Orders for which the ERP total exceeds the Jiomart Sales report total.
  • Missing in Jiomart
    • These orders are not present in the Jiomart reports, but they are recorded in the ERP system.

ERP – Jiomart Reconciliation

The System verifies each individual piece of data provided in Jiomart reports and compares it with the client’s ERP. The orders are then identified and highlighted as follows:

  • Reconciled with Jiomart
    • These are the orders whose totals correspond.
  • Less Amount recorded in Jiomart
    • When the order amount in the Jiomart Report is recorded less in the ERP report.
  • More Amounts recorded in Jiomart
    • The orders in which the value in the Jiomart Report exceeds the value in the ERP report
  • Missing in Jiomart
    • Those orders are missing in the Jiomart reports but present in the ERP system.

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