Payment Gateway Reconciliation

Reconcile payment gateway transactions of website and app.


Reconcile Payment Gateway Transactions

Identify if the amount recorded in the internal report is the same as in the payment gateway report

Identify PG captured transactions not recorded in the internal report

Verify if all PG transactions are settled in bank

Determine if the amount for all transactions settled in bank is correct

Reconcile Website & App Transactions

Verify if all the transactions are settled by payment gateway on T+1

Identify transactions which are not settled with aging

Identify transactions where incorrect amount is collected by payment gateway

Identify PG refunded transactions which are in Success state in internal data

Identify failed & cancelled transactions which are yet to be refunded to customers

Identify PG Successful but internally Failed transactions

Payout Gateway Fee Verification

Determine the fee amount to be charged by payment gateway on each transaction

Identify the transactions where fee has been overcharged

Verify taxes charged on fees for each transaction

Verify the final settlement amount

Bank Statement

Verify the transactions settled in bank at UTR level

Identify if lesser amount has been settled in bank

Identify the transactions pending to be settled in the bank

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