Cointab Bank Accounts

Only you can add your bank account

On Cointab, you can only add those bank accounts where your mobile number matches with the one registered with your bank. When you register for Cointab, we send an SMS from your phone to verify your mobile number. Later on when you add a bank account we use this phone number to fetch a list of your bank accounts. So only those accounts will be added where your phone number matches with the one registered with your bank.

This ensures that only you can add your account and not someone else, thus increasing security.

UPI PIN for transaction authorization

UPI PIN is a secret 4 or 6 digit number which you need to create to operate your bank account. Think of it like an ATM PIN. As you can only perform ATM transaction after entering your ATM PIN, you have to enter your UPI PIN during each transaction on Cointab application. This is mandated for security purpose. As no transaction can go through without verifying this UPI PIN, your bank account is completely secure.

Also, we do not read or store your UPI PIN. Each time you enter UPI PIN on Cointab, it is automatically encrypted on your device and then sent to your bank where it is decrypted and verified. No one apart from your bank can decrypt it.

Cointab NPCI Common Library
Cointab Account Balance

Your bank account balance is for your eyes only

Just like you, we care deeply about your privacy. Hence it is our policy to not store your bank account balance anywhere in our system or share it with anyone else. When you request for your account balance in the app, it is fetched in real-time from your bank and then just displayed on your phone, for your eyes only.

App Password

Although optional, you can even set a password for Cointab app so that only you can open the app.

Cointab Create APP Password
Cointab Security

How secure are we?

Cointab has been successfully audited by a reputed third-party security auditor empanelled by RBI, CERT-IN, and CCA. It has also been tested and approved by our banking partner (The Federal Bank Limited) and NPCI.