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Federal Bank UPI PIN - Create & Reset

Federal Bank UPI (Unified Payments Interface) facility is designed to help Federal Bank customers easily and safely perform financial transactions on their mobile. Hence after registering for Federal Bank UPI you don’t have to visit the branch or ATM to perform banking transactions and can instead use your mobile and perform all types of financial transactions.

To keep your Federal Bank account safe and secure while performing financial transactions on your mobile, you have to create a secure banking PIN for your Federal Bank account. This PIN is called as the Federal Bank UPI PIN and it helps you easily and safely perform financial transactions from your bank account.

Federal Bank UPI PIN can be created online using our mobile app and you don’t have to visit the branch or ATM for generating your Federal UPI PIN. After downloading our app, you can instantly create your UPI PIN and then immediately start performing banking transactions.

Federal Bank UPI PIN allows you to perform below mentioned financial transactions on your mobile:
  1. Check account balance
  2. Instant fund transfer to anyone in India in real-time. Transfer upto Rs. 1,00,000 per day
  3. Mobile recharge & mobile post-paid bill payment
  4. DTH recharge
  5. Electricity bill payment
  6. Gas bill payment
  7. Credit card bill payment
  8. Mediclaim (Health Insurance) premium payment
  9. Buy insurance
  10. Donate money
  11. Book fixed deposit

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How to create and reset your Federal Bank UPI PIN:

  1. Download Cointab app for Android or iPhone
  2. Install app using mobile number which is registered in your Federal Bank account. One SMS will be sent from your phone to verify your mobile number
  3. Select Federal Bank for BHIM registration
  4. All your bank accounts will be registered and activated for Federal Bank BHIM services
  5. Select Generate UPI PIN option
  6. Enter your debit card last 6 digits and expiry date
  7. You will get OTP from Federal Bank for creating your UPI PIN
  8. Enter UPI PIN you want to set
  9. Confirm UPI PIN again
  10. Your UPI PIN will be registered with Federal Bank and you can now use it to perform financial transactions on your mobile

After this your Federal UPI registration process is complete and you can start performing BHIM UPI transactions such as account balance check, transfer money to anyone in India, payments, recharge, bill payment, etc.

Features of UPI PIN

Create Federal Bank UPI PIN online

Using our mobile app, you can easily create Federal Bank UPI PIN for your bank account. You don’t have to visit the branch or ATM and can instead create your own Federal Bank BHIM PIN online.

Separate UPI PIN for each bank account

For the safety of your Federal accounts you have to create separate UPI PIN for each account. This ensures that all your bank accounts remain safe and secure and no authorized personnel can perform transactions on your behalf.

Mandatory for any financial transaction

The most important safety aspect of UPI is the use of Federal Bank UPI PIN for each transaction. As per UPI guidelines, you cannot perform any transaction without Federal Bank BHIM PIN. Hence without knowing your UPI PIN no one can transact from your account. So please do not share your UPI PIN with anyone, this will ensure your Federal Bank account remains 100% secure.

Easily recreate Federal Bank UPI PIN if you forget your old PIN

In case you forget your old Federal UPI PIN then you can again use our mobile app to generate a new UPI PIN. This also can be done completely online and you don’t have to visit the branch or ATM.

Easily change Federal Bank UPI PIN

If you want to change your Federal BHIM PIN for any reason then you can easily do so using our app. All you have to do is enter your existing UPI PIN and then enter the new PIN that you want to set. Your new PIN will be immediately registered in your Federal Bank account and you can use the new UPI PIN for performing financial transactions.

UPI PIN Benefits

Following are the benefits of using Federal Bank UPI PIN service:

Saving Time: You can save a lot of time by generating Federal Bank UPI PIN on mobile using our app instead of visiting the branch or ATM. This helps you quickly create your own UPI PIN on your mobile and then you can instantly start performing transactions using UPI.

Security: All Federal Bank UPI transactions are 100% secure due to linking of your account on your mobile number and your Federal UPI PIN. Transactions become successful only if you enter your correct UPI PIN. If you enter incorrect Federal Bank BHIM PIN then your transactions will fail.

Multi Purpose: Federal UPI allows you to perform multiple transactions such as balance check, fund transfer, recharge, bill payment, etc. so that in one single place you can manage your Federal Bank account.

UPI PIN security

Federal Bank UPI PIN service is fully secured in the following ways:

  1. UPI registration for your Federal Bank accounts can only be done on your mobile due to linking of your mobile number with your bank account
  2. For using Federal BHIM services, you have to create a new UPI PIN using your debit card
  3. For performing any type of transaction you have to then use Federal UPI PIN. No transaction will go through without this secure UPI PIN
  4. For additional security, you can also set up app password so that no one can even open the app without knowing your app password
  5. For enhanced safety, you can also create a PIN or pattern lock for your phone so that no one can open your mobile

Timing of UPI PIN Generation Service

  • Federal Bank UPI services are available on all days, including Saturday and Sunday
  • Advantage of Federal Bank BHIM is that it can be used at night as well
  • As banking is extremely important in day to day life, you can use Federal Bank UPI facility even on bank holidays and public holidays
  • Federal Bank BHIM services can be availed throughout the year

UPI PIN Generation Service Eligibility

For using Federal Bank create UPI PIN service you have to meet the following requirements

  • You must have a savings or current account with Federal Bank
  • Your mobile number must be registered with Federal Bank
  • You must have a debit associated with your Federal account
  • You must have either Android or iPhone mobile phone
  • You must have an internet connection either via SIM card or WiFi

Create UPI PIN Service limitations

Following are the limitations of Federal Bank Create UPI PIN service:

  • It will only work if your mobile number is registered with Federal Bank
  • It will not work without an active Federal Bank atm/debit card
  • It will not work without Android or iPhone mobile phone
  • It will not work without internet connection
  • You can only transfer upto Rs. 1,00,000 per day per Federal account under UPI facility

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