Marketing Associate

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Job Description

Create content about our financial software which helps large companies in India create analytical reconciliation models, reports and MIS on their financial data.

As part of the Marketing team, your work will include:

  • Manage our corporate website
  • Write articles about the problems our software helps companies solve
  • Use SEO to improve Google search ranking for our website pages
  • Research on industry problems and write meaningful articles on how our software helps solve those problems
  • Create case-studies on clients
  • Create content for posting on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Create videos for posting on YouTube
  • Collaborate with other websites, publications, trade journals and industry forums for promoting our software
  • Study Google Analytics data and improve website lead generation

Desired Candidate Profile

You should have a good understanding of the English language and excellent oral and written communication skills. You should also have the ability to understand difficult business problems and explain them in simple words. As you’ll be working with our team members who actually help large companies solve complex financial problems using our software, you should be able to speak with them and understand the problems and solutions we build so as to create meaningful content around them for posting on our website and social media platforms.


Doesn’t matter. If you can solve our challenge mentioned , you are more than welcome

Number of Years of Experience 

Doesn’t matter. If you can solve our challenge mentioned, you are more than welcome

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