Swiggy Orders and Charges Reconciliation

Reconcile your Swiggy Orders and verify the charges levied by Swiggy

Swiggy Orders and Charges Reconciliation

Automated Reconciliation Software


Manual effort can be eliminated as data is loaded automatically into the reconciliation software.

Tailor Made

The result is custom-made for each client. The result is displayed according to client's requirements.

Easy to Understand

The result is displayed is such a way that its easy to understand and analyze.


Data is stored in 100% safe and secure manner and treated confidentially.

Processes Associated

POS with Swiggy Integration

Commission Verification

TDS and TCS Verification

Packing Charge Verification

Cancellation Charge Verification

Discount/Coupon Verification

Bank Settlement Verification

Swiggy Orders Reconciliation

POS with Swiggy

Reconcile the orders recorded in the Point of Sale system with the Swiggy orders

Swiggy Charges Verification

Commission Charge

Maintain store level commission master

Verify the commission charged on each order by Swiggy

Identify orders on which Swiggy has overcharged commission


Verify the TCS and TDS charged on each order by Swiggy

Identify the correct amount to be charged for TCS and TDS

Determine if TCS and TDS is overcharged on any transactions

Coupon Verification

Verify the validity and details of the discount coupon used

Identify orders on which non-merchant funded coupon is used by customers but discount is deducted from your account

Identify orders on which extra discount is given compared to agreed marketing campaign

Packing Charges

Verify the packing charged collected from the customer by Swiggy

Identify orders on which Swiggy has not collected packing charges

Identify orders on which packing charge collected from customers are lesser than the expected amount

Cancellation Charges

Verify if correct cancellation charges are paid in case order is cancelled by either Customer or Swiggy

Verify is Swiggy is paying 100% of order amount for dispatched/delivered orders which are cancelled

Verify is Swiggy is paying 40% of order amount for accepted/processed orders which are cancelled

Bank Settlement

Extract current and nodal UTR details from Swiggy settlement PDF

Verify settlement PDF against order & payout report to see if all orders are settled and merchant level adjustments are correct

Verify final settlement amount in bank against each UTR

Identify if any settlement is still pending to be settled

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