An innovative solution for your reconciliation needs

We empower you with easy-to-analyze results which will help you in making strategies for the future.

Reconciliation Analytics for Everyone

For Finance Teams

Finance teams can now easily reconcile data and analyze reports without any manual effort

for Executives

The reconciliation results help top-level business executives take decisions and make strategies on the basis of data

For Product teams

It streamlines the reconciliation processes and reduces the time and effort spent by various departments in your organization

For IT

Using our innovative technology IT teams can adapt and automate any business logic

Automate Data Load

Automatically load data from different internal and external systems to Cointab reconciliation software using various automation mechanisms.

Define Input Format

Define file types and formats for each report to build your reconciliation process.

Link Multiple Datasets

Add VLOOKUP and JOINING conditions between reports to link multiple datasets. You can also move values from one report to another for comparison.

Master Data Management

Manage master data for SKUs, stores, rate cards, etc. with ease.

Rules engine

Define business rules to calculate the output and classify data as reconciled or unreconciled.

Schedule reconciliation

Schedule the reconciliation process in real-time or hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. to put it on auto-pilot mode.

Universal dashboard

View the reconciliation summary on one dashboard and delve in for further analysis.

Exception management

Analyze unreconciled transactions and take action to close them.

Export result

Access the data on the dashboard and export it in any format, to any system, at any time.

Seamless and Easy

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