The Indian e-beauty business is growing, and Purplle is well positioned to dominate it. Purplle has developed a distinctive, highly personalized digital shopping experience for customers through its app by creating extensive user personas, enabling users to test makeup, and recommending products based on personality, search phrases, and purchasing behavior. Due to purple’s popularity and accessibility, marketing a seller’s beauty products on Purplle will be extremely advantageous. A vendor will be selling their products on a very large scale because purple is so well-liked by customers, which is undoubtedly advantageous to the merchant. On the other hand, maintaining records and ensuring that all transactions are carried out with the utmost correctness can be a difficult process. Using this Automated reconciliation system, a seller can easily and accurately record and analyze transactions at the click of a button. A seller can easily find out errors and fix them or raise disputes with Purplle to resolve the errors or less payments.  It may result in sellers losing money even when they are unaware of it. Only precise reconciliation, which is exactly what the Cointab system provides, will be able to fix this issue.

A seller can quickly and properly record and evaluate transactions with this automated reconciliation system. A seller can quickly identify problems, correct them, or file a claim with Purplle to reduce payments or remedy errors.

Reports needed for reconciliation

  • Purplle All Order Report
  • Purplle Sales Report
  • Purplle Payout Report
  • Reports from the client’s OMS (e.g., Increff, Unicommerce, Easy Ecom.).

By employing a common identity to link the aforementioned reports to the client OMS reports, the reconciliation process is started. The system then double-checks every order detail, including the item amount, fees that apply to the payment that was made, and fees that were levied.

The results are then presented in a simple, easy-to-understand format and are all available on a single dashboard. 

The result is as follows:
Purplle – OMS Reconciliation

Each piece of information kept in the client’s OMS system is verified by the system, which also compares it to the Purplle Invoice report. The following distinctions and highlights are made for the orders.

Reconciled Orders

The transactions where the order amounts are equal.

Less Amount recorded in OMS

In the OMS, the order amounts for these transactions are less than what is shown in the Purple Sales report.

More Amounts recorded in OMS

Order transactions in which the amount in the OMS exceeds the amount in the Purplle Sales report.

Missing in Unicommerce

Despite being recorded in the Purplle reports, the orders are not included in the OMS system.

OMS – Purplle Reconciliation

Each piece of information presented in Purplle reports is verified by the system, which then compares it to the client’s OMS. The following orders are then noted and identified:

Reconciled with Purplle

These are the transactions where the order amounts are the same in both reports.

Less Amount recorded in Purplle

Orders in which the Purplle Report amount is less than the OMS report amount.

More Amounts recorded in Purplle

The Orders recorded here have their amount in the Purplle Report exceeding the amount that was recorded in the OMS report.

Missing in Purplle

The transactions are missing in the Purplle reports but are recorded in the OMS system.

If reconciliation isn’t done correctly, businesses won’t be able to compete and remain relevant. Today’s business environment is getting more and more complicated. Making speedy and precise conclusions requires accurate verification. Utilizing the precise reconciliation method offered by Cointab is the most effective way to go about this.

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