Furniture and home décor may be purchased online in India at Pepperfry. It collaborates with furniture retailers and helps them reach clients by listing their products on its website. In addition to having more than 4.5 million registered users, Pepperfry has 10,000 sellers on its platform. This concept would entail the seamless merging of online and offline business models, as well as innovation in the areas of delivery services, the financial ecosystem, and improved customer experience. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a seller to sell on Pepperfry’s marketplace. Exponential growth in sales will result from this.

Pepperfry is a marketplace that charges sellers to access its many features and hefty user base. A fee is charged each time an order is sold through the marketplace. The sheer number of transactions makes it quite time intensive to check these fees. This problem can be solved by the technology developed by Cointab. With the help of this automatic reconciliation system, a seller may swiftly and precisely record and analyze transactions. A seller can simply identify mistakes, correct them, or file a dispute with Pepperfry to get underpayments or inaccuracies rectified.

Reports needed for reconciliation

Pepperfry Order Detail Report

The Order Detail Report consists of all the details related to each order sold via Pepperfry.

Pepperfry Shipping Details Report

When an Order is shipped all its details are recorded in the Shipping details report.

Pepperfry Canceled Order Report

After an Order is shipped or in the process of it and the order gets canceled or returned, the details of such orders are recorded in the Canceled order report.

Pepperfry UTR Detail Report

For every order that Pepperfry has paid the amount to the seller, the details of these orders including the UTR ids are recorded in this report.

Fee Verification

Based on the rates used to calculate the item price and the parameter from each item’s SKU master, the system calculates the commission charge for fee verification. The computer then separates the amounts after comparing the calculated fees with the Pepperfry fees charged. The result is easy to inspect given how it is set up and compacted.

The result is displayed as follows:

Correctly Charged Fee

The output then shows all the number of orders and the total amount that is correct. This means that the calculated fee and the fee charged by Pepperfry are the same.

Overcharged Fee

The number of orders and the total amount of fee that is overcharged. This means that the calculated fee is lower than the fee charged by Pepperfry.

Undercharged Fee

The transactions where the total amount of fee is Undercharged. This means that the calculated fee is higher than the fee charged by Pepperfry.

A seller may quickly and accurately record transactions and do transaction analysis with the aid of this automatic reconciliation solution. As seen by the results above, it is simple to distinguish between the results, identify all discrepancies, and ascertain the accuracy of the data. A seller can easily spot faults, fix them, or register a dispute with Ajio to have inaccuracies or errors fixed.

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