To ensure effortless selling and a great customer experience Myntra mandates delivery to all customers. They then charge shipping fees to the seller on that order. This fee is applied respectively to the location (local, zonal, national) and client categories (Either PPMP or FBA) and the Level of every order. It is not refundable for return orders. Myntra allocates orders to a particular zone and level. This decision is reported by Myntra and cannot be verified by anyone. 

For fee calculation, Myntra has a rate card for the Shipping fees charged by them.

This Rate Card is as below:

Since these charges are charged for every order and there are many orders taking place daily. It is very difficult to calculate the shipping fee for every order and then verify it with what Myntra has charged.

Cointab comes into the picture here, as it gives you the assurance needed. Cointab has made a system that takes all the data and arranges it in a systematic manner. It also calculates and then verifies the data that needs verification. It has a rate card of its own, based on the Myntra rate card. This is to make the calculation and allocation easier.

An example of the Cointab rate card:

Each order that is entered into the system is allocated according to the rate card and the calculation Is done and an easy-to-read output is given for each order.

The System displays the Shipping Case, which is received in the Myntra report. It also displays the Shipping Fee charged by Myntra in their reports. It then Calculates the Shipping Fee based on its rate cards and then differentiates the calculated fee and reported fee and also displays the difference. Thus, making it easier for sellers to analyze the data and take necessary actions to resolve any disputes.

Each of these data is compiled and shown as a summary:
The Output is shown as:
  • Total Shipping Fee
    • This is the Amount given by Myntra as the Shipping fee.
  • Correctly Charged Shipping Fee
    • If the Myntra Shipping fee is equal to our calculated fee, then it’s the Correct Shipping fee charged.
  • Overcharged Shipping Fee
    • If the Myntra Shipping fee is higher than our calculated fee, then it is an Overcharged Shipping fee.
  • Under Charged Shipping Fee
    • If Myntra Shipping fee is lower than our calculated fee, then it is an Under charged Shipping fee.

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