Meesho is a popular marketplace for shopping. Clothing, jewellery and many other things are some of the items featured on the app. The most sold items on Meesho are women’s clothes and accessories. Along with being a platform to purchase products a reseller can also sell their products on Meesho. They look to connect small and micro businesses with customers at one stop. Since Meesho is growing at such an incredible pace and it is also becoming known as one of the top marketplaces. It means it is able to attract a huge customer base. Now, as the customer base increases, so do the orders. And for many companies checking each of those orders and the respective payments might be tiring. Hence, automating your Meesho Marketplace Reconciliation would really helpful.

Our automated reconciliation software can easily automate your Meesho Marketplace Reconciliation for you! This saves you a lot of time and manual effort and also provides you accurate results. Its shows you the exact sales made and shows if the correct net sales amount is received ultimately from Meesho. This way you can avoid any sort of loss and also track every payment.

Reports used for Meesho Marketplace Reconciliation

Meesho Order Detail Report

The details regarding each order placed through Meesho are available here

Meesho Payment Report

Every payment is processed through Meesho and all the necessary details are present here.

Meesho Sales TCS Report

It includes all the details on exchanged orders and orders that were cancelled during the shipment procedure.

Bank Statement

The bank statement enables you to examine every payment that comes into your account.

Meesho Marketplace Reconciliation Result

Payment Reconciliation

For the purpose of performing the reconciliation process, the system extracts the data from the required reports and connects them to one another. The data essential for this task is then extracted, and the estimated payment amount from Meesho is calculated. The amount actually received from Meesho is then compared to the amount estimated to be received. It then indicates whether any inaccurate payments have been made to you, in which case it tells you exactly how much has been overpaid or underpaid, as seen below.

Reconciled with Payment

These are the transactions where the expected sale amount and the actual sale amount received from Meesho are equal

Less Amount in Payment

On these transactions, the expected sale amount calculated exceeds the sale amount received from Meesho.

More Amount in Payment

Shown here are the transactions on which the expected sale amount calculated is lesser than the amount received from Meesho.

Not Found in Payment

The transactions that are not recorded in the Payment report are shown here. It means that these payments are pending to be received from Meesho.

Bank Reconciliation

The information from the Settlement Report and the bank statement are interlinked in this part. whereby the software performs a comparison between the settlement amount and the amount shown on your bank statement. The software then demonstrates to if Meesho transferred the appropriate amount into your bank account. Additionally, it displays the precise amount that is overpaid or underpaid so you can quickly manage order payments and prevent needless losses.

Meesho Total Settlement

These are all the transaction settled by Meesho in your bank account. These orders are hence recorded in the settlement report and in the Bank statement

Found in Payment Report

These are the transactions that are present in the Meesho Payment report and in the bank statement.

Meesho Reconciled Transactions

These are the transactions on which the amounts match in the settlement report and in the bank statement. Hence, these orders are said to be reconciled.

Less Payment Received – Meesho

On these orders, the settlement amount received in the bank is less than the settlement amount anticipated from Meesho. So you have been underpaid on these orders.

More Payment Received – Meesho

With respect to these orders, the settlement amount received in the bank exceeds the settlement amount anticipated to be received from Meesho. An extra amount is paid to you on these orders.

Missing in Meesho

The Meesho Settlement Report does not list these transactions. This indicates that these transactions are pending to be settled.

As you can see, our software makes it simple to automate the Meesho Marketplace Reconciliation process, and the results are shown as above. The precise overpaid or underpaid amounts are displayed when software verifies the payments from Meesho. This helps you to conveniently keep track of the payments made for each order. Additionally, the software compares the bank statement and settlement report. This in turn enables you to determine whether Meesho correctly transferred the payments into your bank account. With this you can see if a lesser amount is paid to you than what is expected. This way you can raise an invoice to Meesho for the pending or unpaid amounts.

With the aid of our automatic reconciliation Software, you can now quickly complete Meesho Marketplace Reconciliation

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