Meesho is an online marketplace with a wide selection of goods, particularly apparel and accessories for women. It is becoming a very well-liked buying website. Meesho not only offers a platform for shopping, but sellers can also list their goods there in order to reach a larger audience. Since Meesho has a sizable user base on its own, numerous companies want to sell their goods there. Since many buyers have seen your product, many will also purchase it. However, it becomes challenging to verify each order and the money made because Meesho is used for such a large number of transactions. However due to the number of transaction and resources needed for monitoring. It might just not be possible to monitor every payment. You can then miss out on many payments and suffer a loss. You can use our automated reconciliation system to solve this issue. The Meesho Marketplace Reconciliation with OMS procedure can be entirely automated for you using our solution. This way you end up saving time and extra manual effort. The result shows you the orders that have been correctly paid for and it also indicates on which orders you have received a lesser amount.

Reports Used for Reconciliation:

Meesho All Order Report

The orders details on all orders placed through the Meesho marketplace are recorded in this report.

Meesho Sales Report

All the cancelled, returned and fulfilled orders along with the amount collected from customer is present in this report

Meesho Settlement Report

The fee and tax amount charged on each order with the final settlement amount is recorded in this report

Meesho Returns Report

All details on the returned orders and payments plus the inventory are recorded in this report

Reports from the client’s order management system. (e.g., Increff, Unicommerce, Shopify, etc.).

Details on each order is recorded by your Order Management System is present in this report

Meesho Marketplace Reconciliation with OMS Result

Meesho – OMS

The Meesho sales report is reconciled against the Order Management System report by our software. It shows you all the orders that are correctly paid for by Meesho. This result also tells you is on any order the amount paid is incorrect and by how much. It shows if any amount paid is lesser or more than the amount supposed to be paid.

Found and Reconciled with OMS

These orders match in the Meesho Sales report and in the OMS report. The sale amount recorded in both report match, hence these orders are reconciled.

Less Amount Recorded in OMS

On these orders the sale amount recorded in the Meesho report is more than the sale amount recorded in the OMS report.

More Amount Recorded in OMS

The net sales recorded in Meesho report is lesser than the net sale amount recorded in the OMS report.

Cancelled Transactions

These are the Meesho orders that were subsequently cancelled. The OMS report does not include these transactions. No payments are anticipated because these orders have been cancelled.

OMS – Meesho

Now we conduct reconciliation with OMS and Meesho. This is known as backward reconciliation; it is done to double-check the all the orders and payments made. This helps you find out the sales made and its exact amount. So, the software is then able to show you if sale amount is given wrong anywhere and by how much.

Found and Reconciled with Meesho

These are the orders which match in the OMS report and in the Meesho report. Their respective amounts are also seen to be the same. So, these transactions are reconciled.

Less Amount Received from Meesho

The amount reflected in the Meesho report compared to the OMS report is lower for certain orders. It indicates that the amount you received from Meesho is less than you anticipated.

More Amount Received from Meesho

In the Meesho Report, the amount for these orders is higher than in the OMS report. In other words, Meesho has paid you a little extra on these orders.

Not Found in Meesho

These orders exist in the OMS report; however, they are absent from the Meesho report. It denotes that Meesho will not pay for these orders.

The software automates the Meesho Marketplace Reconciliation with OMS Process easily. The results produced helps you track and analyse the orders and payments made. You can also view the exact amount overpaid or underpaid. This way you can claim the underpaid amount from Meesho. Because if all these orders and payments are left unchecked there could be dozens of underpayments on orders, leading to losses.

If you want to automate your Meesho Marketplace reconciliation with OMS, our automated reconciliation software might be a good fit for you.

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