Meesho is an online store offering a huge variety of products, including clothing and accessories for women. It is quickly becoming a highly popular shopping website. Meesho provides a platform for shopping in addition to a place where vendors may post their products in order to reach a wider audience. Meesho already has a big user base, thus many businesses want to offer their products there. On each transaction, Meesho does, however, levy a fixed percentage fee. Due to the volume of orders that are done daily, it might be difficult for online sellers to reconcile the cost imposed on each sale. Given that reconciliation is a time-consuming and tedious task, they might not have the money or resources to carry out this process themselves. Therefore, these issues are resolved by employing our automatic reconciliation system for the Meesho Fee Verification Process. You may simply see the results that our system displays, which shows you the commission amount that was charged. Additionally, it shows on which orders fee is undercharged or overcharged by Meesho.

Reports Used for Reconciliation

Meesho Order Report

The orders placed on Meesho and its details are present in this report

Meesho Payment Report

The fee deductions to be made by Meesho on each order is present in this report.

Meesho Fee Verification Result

The system configures a rate card using the commission structure provided by Meesho. The rates on these orders are divided on the basis of different categories of the product. This software uses this rate card to calculate the fee amount supposed to be charged. Then it compares the calculated amount with the invoice fee amount. After which it highlights when the fee charged is more or less than what it should be as per business agreement. This way you known exactly how much amount is incorrectly paid.

Fee Correctly Charged

The fee amount calculated by the software is equal than the fee amount actually charged in the invoice. So, it means that the fee charged on these orders is correct.

Fee Overcharged

On these orders the fee amount calculated by the software is lesser than the fee amount charged by Meesho in invoice. This means that you have overpaid the fee on these orders.

Fee Undercharged

Shown here are the orders on which the fee amount calculated by the software is more than the fee amount charged by Meesho in invoice. So, fee on these orders is underpaid by you.

As you see, our software fully automates the Meesho Fee Verification Process for you. It presents the results is a format that helps you easily analyze and track the fee charged and paid by you on each order. This helps you avoid paying more than the expected amount of fee as per the business agreement.

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