A well-known internet store is Amazon USA. Its global reach is an outstanding accomplishment for any e-commerce site. For customers looking to buy things or sellers looking to sell products, Amazon is always a reliable and wise option. As a seller, choosing to sell on Amazon is fantastic because it will help a company grow immensely. This is one of any company’s main objectives. Growing exponentially has many benefits and financial benefits for a seller, but it also has its share of drawbacks. Once he begins selling on a wide scale, a seller won’t be able to readily keep track of all the orders, payments, and fees, which can result in needless net losses. The only way to deal with this issue is through precise reconciliation. Reconciling a large number of transactions is exceedingly time-consuming and challenging, especially when done manually. Cointab has developed automated reconciliation software to solve this issue and make reconciliation simple. The reconciliation process can be executed by the software quickly and precisely. It provides automated data loading features and cleans data quickly and generates easy-to-read results for quick analysis. The software does Amazon USA Marketplace Reconciliation using ERP easily to cross-check all of the records against internal client data.

The Reports needed for reconciliation are:

    • Amazon all order report

    • Amazon MTR report

    • Amazon disbursement report

    • Amazon FBA return report

    • Amazon reimbursement report

    • SKU master

    • Bank Statement 

    • Reports from the client’s ERP (e.g., SAP, Tally, etc.).

The reconciliation procedure is started by using a common identity to connect the aforementioned reports to the client ERP reports. The system then double-checks every order component, such as the item’s value, any fees that apply to the payment that was made, and any fees imposed.

The results are then presented in a simple, easy-to-understand format and are all available on a single dashboard. 

The result is as follows:

Amazon USA – ERP Reconciliation

Each piece of information kept in the client’s ERP system is verified by the system, which also compares it to the Amazon USA Invoice report. The following distinctions and highlights are made for the orders:

    • Reconciled Orders
        • The transactions where the order amounts are equal.

    • Less Amount recorded in ERP
        • In the ERP, the order amounts for these transactions are less than what is shown in the Amazon USA MTR report.

    • More Amounts recorded in ERP
        • Order transactions in which the amount in the ERP exceeds the amount in the Amazon USA MTR report.

    • Missing in Amazon USA
        • Despite being recorded in the ERP system, the orders are not included in the Amazon USA reports.

ERP – Amazon USA Reconciliation

Each detail of information presented in Amazon USA reports is verified by the system, which then compares it to the client’s ERP. The following orders are then noted and identified:

    • Reconciled with Amazon USA
        • These are the transactions where the order amounts are the same in both reports.

    • Less Amount recorded in Amazon USA
        • Orders in which the Amazon USA Report amount is less than the ERP report amount.

    • More Amounts recorded in Amazon USA
        • The transaction orders recorded here have their amount in the Amazon USA Report exceeding the amount that was recorded in the ERP report.

    • Missing in Amazon USA
        • The transactions are missing in the Amazon USA reports but are recorded in the ERP system.

If reconciliation isn’t done accurately, sellers won’t be able to compete in today’s competitive market. Making quick and precise business decisions requires accurate verification. Utilizing the reconciliation software offered by Cointab is the most effective way to do this. Using various features like automation of data load to custom input formats( Xls, CSV, XML, PDF, etc) helps a seller save time uploading or editing their data. Sellers can easily have their master data added to the software and can get the required results all at one dashboard which makes analysis seamless. The software does Amazon USA Marketplace Reconciliation using ERP accurately for a seller to know his business better and save money and time.

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