Introducing Cointab

Earning money is not easy. Unfortunately, so is managing it.

You still spend your precious time in visiting bank branch. Still queue outside ATM and pay usage charges. Still carry cash around. Still wait for the cheque to be cleared. Still worry about someone misusing your card. Still struggle with internet and mobile banking.

And you do this for all accounts you hold. With all banks you bank with.

There surely has to be a better way.

At Cointab, we are focused on making banking and payment simpler. We believe people deserve a better way to manage their hard-earned money.

And to this end, we are launching our app today.

Cointab is a mobile app which enables you to manage your money with ease - add bank accounts from 50+ banks and easily check account balance, transfer money to friends & family in real-time and request money from them.

Cointab is a simple and convenient way of banking. With this, you’ll no longer have to visit a bank branch/ ATM or use complex internet/ mobile banking systems.

The app is based on Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

We are starting with basic banking services first and over a period of time will add other banking and financial services to enable consumers & businesses to manage their money with ease.

We would sincerely like to thank Federal Bank (our UPI banking partner) for partnering with us and to NPCI for creating an incredible platform like UPI and helping and guiding us at various stages.

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Please try our app and share your feedback!

– Vinit, Arul, Gaurav