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Hathway Broadband - Bill Payment

Perform following steps to pay your Hathway Broadband bill

Step 1. Download & install Cointab BHIM UPI app for Android or iPhone

Step 2. Select Broadband bill payment option from home screen

Step 3. Select Hathway Broadband as broadband service provider

Step 4. Enter Consumer ID of your broadband connection

Step 5. Your bill will be fetched automatically and bill amount will be shown. Please verify the details.

Step 6. Choose your bank account from which to make broadband bill payment (all banks in India are supported)

Step 7. Enter your UPI PIN (if you don't have mobile banking UPI PIN for your bank account then you can generate it in our app itself)

Step 8. Money will be debited from your bank account and your Hathway Broadband bill will be paid in real-time

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