Started in September 2015, Cointab provides financial technologies to consumers and businesses.

Back in 2015, banking digitally was difficult. Either you had to use difficult to operate internet and mobile banking systems of your banks or visit their ATMs or branches to perform financial transactions. If you had accounts with multiple banks then the difficulty increased by that many fold. And when it came to securing your and your loved ones future with financial services, agents and brokers would sell products which earn them highest commissions and make the products work for them and not you.

We thought there has to be a simple way to bank and buy right financial products. But as none existed, we started Cointab to make one.

Cointab BHIM UPI App was launched in May 2017 with the help of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and Federal Bank. It enables consumers to perform banking transactions with ease and buy right financial services.

While running our payments app, we started facing reconciliation issues. As a lot of transactions were going through our bank account, reconciling them to ensure we are receiving the money due to us and are paying only what we are suppose to was becoming a big challenge. We managed them for a while using Excel and SQL queries but they cannot handle the load and complexities of reconciliation.

Again, as no solution existed we created our own.

And when the reconciliation system worked for us, we started offering it to other businesses from January 2021.

  • On our Android and iOS BHIM UPI App, we now have over 1 million users
  • Our reconciliation system has reconciled more than 120 million transactions

You can download our simple banking app from Android or iOS app stores. Or contact us for reconciliation system.

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